Achieve your Goals

Re-connect your teams with your strategic goals and help them to focus on value delivery.

15-30% increase in productivity and business valuation

We are offering a new advanced SaaS software whose typical deliverables are 15-30% increases in productivity and business valuation via accountability, radical transparency, and trust.

Automated Digital workplace

Can you imagine a tool that facilitates the strategy creation process and, in the meantime, builds a digital workplace environment automatically for your team/organizations to start executing?

Drive your business

Are you ready to track business planning, projects, KPIs/OKRs, social, and work collaboration in one real-time, interactive, seamless user experience?

Strategy + Execution + Collabaration = Win

We are offering the world’s first SaaS software simple to set up, easy to use, cost-effective intelligent platform that integrates strategy, execution, and collaboration across your organization in a single source.

  • Distributed/remote working ready
  • Millennials ready (takeover of the workforce 75% by 2025)
  • Virtually eliminate email, increase employee productivity and drive top and bottom-line business performance
  • Risk management build-in
  • Agile ready
  • 10-apps-in-1 for about half the price of one
  • Designed for mid-market to enterprise size organizations
Service Offer


We facilitate the assessment for your organization of our partner app #stratapp and the definition of your needs.


We advise on the transformation and resources required to get the most out of #stratapp.


We can accompany your organization during the transformation by providing coaching for teams and leaders to implement best practices, and administrative resources to help you set up the solution.


We understand the necessity of upskilling your team members. We can transfer knowledge by providing dedicated workshops and training.


Once the transformation is done, we offer a follow-up to check if the value delivery maintains its expected level.

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